New Releases – DVD and Blu-Ray – March 3rd 2014

Not much out this week. The new releases on DVD and Blu are: Bad Grandpa, Inescapable, We Are What We Are




Bad Grandpa

What it is: A new spin on the Jackass franchise, Johnny Knoxville stars as Bad Grandpa (previously seen in the films and TV shows of Jackass) – setting up gags staged around being old. The humour wears off pretty quickly and if you’ve seen the skit in the other shows there is nothing really new here. However if you find Bad Grandpa is your favorite character then you’re in luck because this is nothing but! The make up – nominated for an Oscar – is impressive

What We Say: Nothing new. Not the best film – although ironically could actually win an oscar!

Buy it because: You love Jackass and Bad Grandpa is your favourite character.



What it is: Years after he left Damascus , Adib Abdel Kareem must confront his past when his daughter disappears.

What we say: An unheard of action film – and it’s not a great loss that this didn’t get seen more. It’s okay but only just. It’s an interesting blend of drama, thriller and action – and it tries to be something more… it just hasn’t quite got that special something. Nice try tho.

Buy it because: You like watching obscure films that most will miss. The actors all do a fair job and it’s worth keeping an eye our for those involved as it does offer some promise – and you can say you were there at the beginning.

we are what we are


We Are What We Are

What it is: The Parkers find their secret existence threatened as a a heavy downpour moves into their area, forcing daughters Iris and Rose to assume responsibilities beyond those of a typical family. Remake of the cult 2010 film about a family of cannibals. It isn’t as good as that but as a remake it’s above average. Keeping to the same story and horror as the original this does offer up a great 90 minutes and on a quiet week is deserving of our film of the week as we love a good horror.

What we say: Dark, funny, scary, gory. Ticks a lot of the boxes we like in a horror. Well worth checking out.

Buy it because: If you liked the original this holds it’s own and is a nice extension to it. If you didn’t see the original but are put of by subtitles then this a good alternative. Or you’re simply a horror fan – you’re going to get your moneys worth either way!


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